Best Smartphone Apps

Smartphones are becoming useful for people who want to do all types of things from their phones such as order pizza, pay bills, check bank accounts, etc. It’s amazing the kinds of things that you can do straight from your phone! With the growing number of apps available for smartphones, there’s no doubt a ton that are geared specifically toward saving you money! These are some of the best smartphone apps that can help save you money immediately and/or in the long run.

1. RedLaser is an simple and fast barcode scanner that can lead you to a quick and thorough description of the product that you’re scanning. After scanning, you can immediately get access to prices at various stores near you, see product review instantaneously, or even just save a product for later reference so that you don’t have to fumble around for a pen and paper to remember what it is exactly! It’s definitely a nice app for saving money and finding great deals.

2. Af Tool , very unique multi flash tool that works with MTK and Qualcomm phones. This is one of the most downloadable apps and you should alway look for the latest version, and if you can’t find it for free there is a Af tool crack available online. You just have to search for it.

3. Skype is an app that’s been around for awhile, but it still has remained to be the most popular, free calling apps among smartphones. You can do all sorts of things such as call, video call and instant message your friends, which can completely eliminate the need for voice plan on your cellular carrier. The more friends you can get to switch to Skype, the more money everyone can save in the long run!

4. Gasbuddy is cool, little app that has one purpose and one purpose only. The app will use your current location to find the best gas prices around and will even put them in order of lowest to highest. You can even share deals that you find at certain gas stations with your friends by text message or email! It’s definitely one of the easiest methods for finding and snagging great gas prices.


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