Shape Brows Artificially But Realistically With Safe Microblading

The cosmetic tattoo industry is one of the most progressive beauty therapy segments of the beauty world. A hot favourite in the beauty business, is the art of creating customised eyebrows with the help of semi-permanent inking, called Microblading. People can now bid a good bye to the eyebrow pencil “fill” mornings every day.

People who desire realistic and natural looking eyebrows resort to Microblading. This procedure is a boon for people with asymmetrical, over plucked, blank and poorly defined eyebrows. Microblading, the semi-permanent inking method is an asset and fantastic addition for make-up and salon artists. Microblading helps an artist create 3D eyebrows and do micro stroking and feathering. In this process, superfine and curvy marks are made on the skin to create hair like thin marks on the brow region.

If you live in San Diego you are in luck because you can hireĀ Anna Kara – one of the bestĀ microblading eyebrows San Diego artist. Her reputation and her amazing work is well known not only in San Diego but nation wide. So, with her art and skills you can not go wrong.

Missing parts of the eyebrows can be drawn individually, in a very innovative manner, so that the client gets a very natural and attractive appearance. Whether it’s a holiday romp or a relaxing evening by the pool, your client will have lots to thank you for. Looks will remain refreshed and fabulous at all times of day and night.

The eyebrow hair are created keeping in mind the skin tone, hair colour and are customised by professionals in the original direction of brow hair growth. The Microblading teaches the beauty therapist the right way to create eyebrows so that the client can boast confidently of younger and brighter appearance. The lifestyle and skin type of the person decides the “stay-on-colour-time” of the eyebrow pigment. Colour starts to recede faster in people who undergo lots of cosmetic procedures and those who are exposed to sun rays for longer periods of time. On an average, a re-touching session has to be arranged after about 1-3 years.

When the actual procedure is scheduled, the specialist holds a detailed consultation session with the client. The condition of the skin and eyebrows is carefully assessed and evaluated. The needs of the client are noted down carefully and initial drawings of brow shapes are made after calculating digital measurements. Photographs are clicked and brow symmetry is studied carefully before new shapes are designed. The client needs to be fully sure of the dimensions and style before giving nod for the process. The eyebrow pigment is matched according to skin tone and colour of brow hair. Strict hygienic conditions are adhered to during this process so that client stays free from infections.

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