What are the Pros and Cons of Online Education?

Education is a very important factor in the growth of a person and a community. The economy and financial condition of a country depends a lot on its literacy rate. In past few years, the way of learning has changed a lot. With the introduction of technology gadgets, e-learning has started influencing the life of common people. In this article, we will discuss some advantages and disadvantages that we commonly face in internet education system.

Online education Pros (Advantages)

  • With e-education, you need not to travel to another place.
  • You can continue your study along with a part-time or full-time job.
  • You can even complete a degree course with distant education option online.
  • Many big colleges and educational institutions provide e-learning and study material.
  • Nowadays, online degree has more importance than a physical degree as it is considered by many online institutions.
  • Many people find it easy to read online, and they find it comfortable reading in an online environment.
  • Online study is the best option for physically disables people.
  • Internet study material is easily accessible and is platform adaptable.
  • Huge question banks like for example¬†Bank soalan UPSR
  • E-education gives you a chance to connect with several scholars and experts in your industry to share and acquire help.

Online Education Cons (Disadvantages)

  • With e-learning, there is no proper human interaction.
  • With e-degree, you will not enjoy the experience of a college life.
  • Trust factor is low in this type of education. You cannot trust every website you come across.
  • You will get the education plan, guidance and study material, but still you will have to study on your own.
  • Some companies still do not give enough credits to these degrees.
  • With online degrees, you will always be in doubt with the quality of education.

Though e-education system is developed a lot in past years, it is still somewhere lacking in the quality and trust. It is not bad at all. There are many websites, which are working effectively in online education. E-learning is still growing, and it has still a lot to do. This study option is good for those looking for study material, knowledge, tips, guides and help, but it is still not a preferable option for a degree course. We expect it to be better in the near future.

There is a very big base of internet users and is growing day by day. One must be careful while using a website as not all the websites are trustworthy.

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